Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Panera Or St Louis Bread Co What to have

I have checked out what you can order at Panera if you are Chucking Sugar...I normally go for the 'pick two'

Zero sugars on Soups
Broccoli cheddar
New England Clam

One Gram
Baked potato
low fat chicken tortilla

two grams
chicken noodle soup (full size)

It surprises me again that my old fave onion is 7g

Asiago Roast Beef (half) 2g Full size 3g
Chicken ceasar on three cheese (half) 3g

Frontega chicken on focaccia (half)3g
Half smokehouse turkey on three cheese 4g (MY FAVE)

Half chopped chicken cobb 1gram
Half grilled chicken caesar 1 gram
Half caesar 1 gram

Tonight I might go for the half asiago roast beef and the baked potato soup

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