Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cheese Toasties

Cheese is sugar free which is a good thing as this weekend Chuck who is my diet partner and the Chuck in Chucking made me as he calls 'grilled cheese' I call it cheese toasties.We bought a fresh uncut loaf of cheese bread which was under 1gram of sugar for an eighth of aloaf (wal-mart bakery) added a variety of cheeses and grilled it in tbe frying pan...it was so good I could actually eat it now ...tasted like a panini.It was the weekend so not 100% sugar free but almost!!! Feeling tired and low on energy grab a few salted peanuts again virtually sugar free and a good source of fiber.
Do not use what I call 'plastic cheese' i.e american...use pepper,cheddar or swiss for maximum 'awesomeness'

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