Saturday, September 18, 2010

What Not To Eat

I have done alot of research on the cutting of sugar I decided I wouldnt look too deeply into it as it can get confusing.My diet right or wrong is just purely the cutting of sugar.Theres also a list of food which on several sites is a total no no.
Foods to avoid dont ask me why
1.Ripe bananas
2.White potatoes but apparently sweet are ok I have decided to steer clear of both and in all honesty I am not a big fan of the sweet potato unless they are made into chips.
3.White bread...wheat is ok however I must add theres little to no sugar in many sourdough breads.Sweet Tomatoes has a sourdough and on their site it states zero sugar.I bought a loaf at the bakery last night from Wal-Mart that showed zero sugar.The lowest amount of sugars I could find on wheat bread was 1g per slice which isnt bad.
4.Beer and alcohol if you must drink red wine only is acceptable.I checked out beers being a bit of a boozer and the lowest amount I could find was Bud-Light surprisingly not Mic Ultra.I will blog the list its quite interesting.
6.Carrots loaded with sugar plenty of fat free but not sugar free
9.White rice

So far its easier than what I thought.Check salad dressing they can be heavy on sugar too .My fave is balsamic which is about 1 gram I think 1000 Island is 2-3 the best dressing would probably be an oil.
Didnt lose any today but thats ok it will be one week on Tuesday I think with most diets you have to give it a month to see the true effect.
My diet partner who is following it loosely has lost three pounds and he still eating a little sugar.
At Wal-Mart last night they had a garlic butter spread no sugar so when we got home I toasted some zero sourdough and put some on was pretty awesome.
Didn't have my usual two or three beers last night but probably will tonight its my only vice the weekend boozing.
I actually have no sugar cravings currently I researched sugar free candy that contains sugar alcohol and apparently thats fine if need be.
I think my biggest shock has been milk at 11grams ,tomato soup at 11 and onion soup at 8.The soups are all based on Sweet Tomatoes salad bar it just shows dont assume which is my favourite thing to do...check!

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