Monday, September 27, 2010

Low Carb No Sugar Wraps

I have been a fan of Tortilla Factoty low carb wraps since I started low carbing years ago.These wraps are full of fiber and no sugar they are actually also great on weight watchers.
No sugar...fill with anything I had two today both with chicken.....they help a great deal with certain 'booty' movements as you know dieting can throw off...high fiber helps you know what I'm saying.
For a while I was actually addicted to these with low sugar peanut butter....havent weighed in a few days due to a monthly issue but will let you know any loss in the next day or two!! I have managed to stick to it really well...Walgreens are selling sugar free marshmallows for Halloween I think Russell Stover makes them....need I say more apart from 'We Love you Russell' no sugar but sugar alcohol which is allowed.

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