Friday, September 17, 2010

Milk It

Wayne Dyer said two words 'almond milk' yuk I thought...I always think yuk first if I havent tried something.Little did I know 'normal' milk contains 11 gramms of sugar....I had no idea....I am not a milk drinker but like everyone else love it on cereal.Mr Dyer said that it tasted the same...uh huh I didnt fall for that one I mean almond milk that sounds dreadful.Apparently the only easy to find cereal with no sugar is shredded wheat.
After our wonderful weekend in Chi-town I headed to the store in the meantime my mind was working overtime as I stuffed down cookies in skillets,bagels and anything else that came into my path.
On our return I picked up some almond milk (no sugar only two carbs) and some bite size shredded wheat by Post.
I was nervous about trying the milk thats just the way I am but finally plucked up the courage.It has a very creamy look to it as it pours and the color is an off white however Wayne was right it tastes almost the same but creamier (we normally drink 1%)I was so pleasantly surprised.So that has now become my sugar free breakfast.
I am not looking at calories or fat however I would describe the diet as low carb with benefits....cereal being one of many.
I wont say what I weigh I am not obviously overweight but heavier than what I have been in a while.I hate being defined by a number put it this way I dont want to be wearing spanx and *extra buttons* as seen on tv the rest of my life.
The first day was Tuesday jumped on the scales preparing for the worst and expecting the worst and it was pretty much what I expected.
The following day I lost two pounds so that was Wednesday,Thursday I was down another,today being Friday I was down two so in a few days I lost five pounds...thank you Jesus!!!

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  1. Bet you knew I would be first! Smooch! You will have to post a picture of YOU when you get where you want to be. Mom says she will do the same... hehe. She will never be thin again but she is going to ask you to be her FB friend so you will be able to see her pic.... YIKES! She never posts though. She likes my posts better.